Given the proportion of spend on healthcare by individuals, employers and insurance carriers one would think the industry would be highly focused on and responsive to customer needs.  Unfortunately, getting in to see the doctor is rarely, if ever, at the top of anyone’s “best experiences” list.  Mercy Health set out to change the status quo by engaging patients, families and care providers in imagining a new healthcare experience.   The team tore apart the red tape, expectations and barriers to unfold over 300 innovative and prioritized investments in people, processes and technologies to deliver a personalized experience unmatched in the marketplace.  Ideation met reality however when the initial product development roadmap came with a $30 Million price tag at the same time that the impacts of payment reform were beginning to take hold.  Learn how the team adapted the approach, staying true to the design principles, bringing to life new virtual and traditional care experiences with enhanced clinical outcomes and lower cost to both the patient and organization.