Day 2 – Nov 14, 2014
Morning 8:30 - 12:00 PM

  • Backstage Service Design: Delivering Great Experiences Starts with the Staff

    Leading with the user in product design is a mantra we deeply espouse. view more…

    Justin Rheinfrank, gravitytank Associate Partner
    Elizabeth Glenewinkel, gravitytank Associate Partner
    Martha Cotton, gravitytank Partner
  • Innovation and The Art of Problem Framing

    To be a creative problem solver, you need to be an effective problem framer. view more…

    Chris Pacione, LUMA Institute Co-Founder & CEO
  • SPACE: How to Design Great Settings for Amazing Experiences

    When designing an amazing service experience, sometimes the physical environment can be taken for granted. view more…

    Liz Burow, HLW Architecture & Planning Director of Discovery