Leading with the user in product design is a mantra we deeply espouse. But, when it comes to service design, there are other equally important types of users to consider— like the people responsible for delivering the service. Existing tools like service blueprints are great at specifying the desired interactions between customers and "frontstage" employees. But, how do you actually embed new ways of working into the company culture? How do you make sure your innovations will be sustained? We’ve found the greatest success when we bring employees into the process to co-create new service interactions. After all, nothing is worse than hearing, “I’m from corporate, and I’m here to help!” 

In this workshop, we’ll unpack and experiment with activities co-developed with hospitality and retail clients and their front line staff. We’ll learn about:

1. Co-creation workshops

Hosting immersive events designed to build empathy for, and understanding of, the customer. Building solutions collaboratively with employees to foster ownership of ideas.

2. Field trips and immersion

Leading employee walkabouts to help develop new perspectives and bring meaningful insights back into the organization.

3. Encouraging the mindful employee

Building tools to equip staff with techniques to better read, see and interact with customers, and instill principles of mindfulness into every interaction crossing front stage and back.